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Upper Manning

Peter was kind to invite me on a trip with a few of his mates to Gloucester and Barrington Tops on Wednesday through to Easter Saturday.

We had a fantastic time visiting some of the best NSW high country around. Just a little rain on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, but the rest of the trip was dry.

We set of from Pete's place in Taree South on Wednesday morning and headed west along Buckets Way, turning off to go through Wingham to stock up on supplies. We headed up to Wherrol Flat to take the backtrack over Knorrit Forrest to end up at Caffreys Flat. Paul had a bit of trouble with his Landrover on a hill early in the trip. Unfortunately, the transfer case linkage had come off the hi-low range selector. After a bit of encouragement from his mates we are able to set off again. High range only from then on for Paul.

We ended up on the Manning at Caffreys Flat. Crossing the Manning River and jumped out to skip some stones and get the drone up.This was perhaps our best camp site for the trip, right on the river. We tried and failed to catch a bass, but I had a chance to try out my vanless accommodation, car awning and swag. Worked perfectly and was quite comfortable.

After a quick stop in Gloucester we then headed along Thunderbolts Way to Barrington and then to turn off onto Barrington W Road to head toward Barrington Tops National Park.

We soon found ourselves in a simply spectacular valley near Curricabark, and met a very friendly local farmer who suggested we stop at the river ford just down the hill. It was so kind of him to give us the tip, it was perfect.

So, next we stayed overnight up in Barrington Tops State Forrest. It was a great camp site but a little damp after all the rain. Mind you a cappuccino or two helped. Caps in the bush? Sure if you take the generator. :)

Next day we traveled to Barrington Tops National Park and found ourselves driving through a quite open valley at Cobark. I thought I would put the drone up and try the follow-me feature. I'd been looking forward to doing this for some time. It was definitely a learning experience.I learned:

1.Do not launch drone from centre of road just after a crest. Take off was fine, but when signal was lost it automatically returned to the takeoff point and landed. Luckily no cars came along before we got back there otherwise there would have been little bits of drone everywhere. 2.When using the follow-me, try and have the drone out in front. if it goes above or behind you it loses the connection with the controller due to the roof and the metal roof-top tray!

We had a look around the tops and then set up camp were a bunch of other people decided to camp as well. It was Easter after-all I guess. Another great camp spot though and enjoyed the music supplied by my fellow travelers.

Next morning was a quick trip back to Taree and the trip was over so soon.

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